404 Linkvana Review for 2013 - Video and Bonuses

Linkvana Review Reveals How You Can Build Almost Any Kind of Link to Almost Any URL In Your Sleep

SEO is NOT dead!  It’s alive and well.  You just have to work smarter … and thanks to Linkvana, NOT harder!

I’ve use many, many, many SEO services – full service, software and specific-type of link building services over the years.

The new Linkvana is the best I’ve used when it comes to price, control, ease-of-use and being able to manage multiple SEO campaigns each month (see the different types of websites I publish below).

This Linkvana review was updated February 14, 2013 to profile MANY new services offered by Linkvana.

More importantly, I’m a Linkvana user.  My review and Linkvana rating below is based on my extensive use of their NEW services.

Link Diversity
Link Control
Link Relevancy
Link Authority
Anchor Text Control
Bulk Credit Discounts? Yes, buy additional bulk credits, receive free credits.
Unused Credits Roll Over? Yes.
Target Any URL? Aside from gambling, adult and violent sites, you can link to home page and/or inner URLs.
Anchor Text Control? Choose any anchor text - keyword, naked or generic.

Long gone are the days where you can wind-up automated link building software with little thought and rank websites.  Trust me, I’ve used that stuff and while it worked before Penguin, it’s not working anymore for tier 1 links.

Think about the type of links automated software builds – Web 2.0, wiki, bookmarks, forum profiles, article directory backlinks and articles published on auto-blogs (if you thought real blogs accepted articles from article submissions software, think again.  Would you publish that junk on your money site?  I wouldn’t.

Although I incorporate Web 2.0 backlinks and I do submit some articles to article directories, these are NOT the foundation of my link profile.  Instead, I slowly, but surely build links from a huge range of sources thanks to Linkvana.

These days you need to build a NATURAL link profile.  This means links from a variety of sources, using different anchor text (keyword, generic and naked), pointing to a variety of pages on your website.

With Linkvana you have total control over every link!  You choose the link source, anchor text and target URL for each and every link!

Linkvana started as a blog network.  It worked for years.  But that’s not gonna do it anymore for SEO.  Linkvana saw the writing on the wall and transformed its service into a user-directed, high quality link building service.  It’s truly a one-stop-shop SEO link building service.  They also create all kinds of content for you.

You can set up hands-free SEO for an unlimited number of websites with Linkvana.  All you do is instruct the folks at Linkvana with exactly which links you want to build.  In seconds, you choose type of link (i.e. source), anchor text and to which URL you’d like to point the links.

Types of Links You Can Build with Linkvana?

Manual Niche Linking  Very powerful service where Linkvana researches your competitor sites and builds similar links from a variety of sources such asThis is a phenomenal service because you obtain diverse links that are the real deal.
PR 1 to PR 6 Comment Links You can have dofollow comment links to your site from high PR web pages.
Press Releases Linkvana will write and distribute a press release for you.  I’ve generated over 5,000 visitors to my sites from press releases alone – they’re awesome for traffic and the links don’t hurt either.
Guest Posts These aren’t guest posts on a crummy blog network.  These are articles published on real sites relevant to your niche.  I love this service and use it extensively.Guest posting is a lot of work … Linkvana makes it super easy and fast.
EDU Links You can have Linkvana build backlinks from related .edu websites.
Directory submissions These are done manually.  You can choose to submit to 30 to 100 directories.  Linkvana will write and publish your articles to the major article directories.  They offer an EzineArticles guaranteed option.
Squidoo Lens creation I’m not into Squidoo, but if you are, Linkvana will create and publish Squidoo lenses for you.
HubPages You can have HubPages written and published for you.
Social Bookmarks Easily build a variety of social bookmark links and votes for you website (or individual posts/pages).
Google Places Citations These only really matter for local websites.  You can have citations created for your Google Places page(s).
News Site Links Linkvana will write and publish content on News websites with a link back to your site (you choose the target URL and anchor text … as always).
Web 2.0 Backlinks I use these occasionally to diversify my links … I like using Linkvana because they create the accounts, format the site, write/publish the content and input the links.  If you’ve ever created your own Web 2.0 sites, you know it’s time-consuming.
Forum Profiles If you like forum profile links (I don’t), you can order them through Linkvana.
RSS Submissions I don’t use this service, but you can order up RSS submissions with LV.
Authority Site Profiles Again, I don’t use this service, but if you find profile links on authority sites a good part of your SEO, you can order these with LV.
Video Distribution LV will mass-distribute a video you provide (they don’t create videos).
Blog network links You can still build very cheap backlinks from Linkvana’s blog network … they’re first service.  I don’t use this, but you can if you like.

Content Creation Services by Linkvana

You can also instruct Linkvana to create different types of content for you.  The following table sets out your content options:

Get an entire website built for you Linkvana will create a 10 page WordPress blog, with content, for you from which you can link to your sites.  You get access to the backend and can customize the site as much as you like, including adding your own theme.  You can add content as well.  This is a very cost-effective way to build your own private blog network.  Learn more here.
1,000 High Quality LSI Article I’ve used this service extensively.  Linkvana will write a 1,000 word high quality article targeting 3 keywords and will include synonyms for proper on-site content.  I use this service for my local websites (see below).
Press Releases You can have a press release crafted and distributed.
All Links in the Table Above include content creation. When you order a link from any of the sources in the above table, it includes unique content written by native English speakers.  The content is good.
Ezine Articles Guaranteed Article You can order an article that will be published on Ezine Articles.
Researched content  You can request articles from 250 to 1,000 words.  The 450 word article is guaranteed to be accepted by Ezine Articles.

Watch My Detailed Video

What type of websites do I rank with Linkvana?

I run 3 online businesses that incorporate 4 types of business models … all of which are profitable.  They are:

  • Product review websites (3 of them)
  • 1 blog monetized mainly with Adesense
  • Local business websites where I earn commissions from sending local businesses new clients (7 of these)
  • Authority websites in a particular niche (3 of these)
  • 2 blogs designed for building up my e-newsletter

 This means I’m ranking 3 very different types of websites, which are:

  • Pure “buyer” keyword oriented websites
  • Authority websites (100+ high quality posts – these sites continue to grow)
  • Adsense website (a.k.a. niche website/blog)
  • Local business websites
  • Blogs from which I attract email subscribers to my e-newsletters

I use the new Linkvana for every single website I publish.  I use it smart … slow, steady, methodical and exercise patience.  It’s a great source for diversity.  I’m active in my authority niches via commenting, forum participation and guest posting, and I distribute infographics and press releases … but Linkvana gives me a hands-free option for building additional diverse links in my sleep to any URL on my sites.

Linkvana FAQ

1.  How much does Linkvana cost?

You can choose from a variety of packages priced at $97 and $147 per month.  I chose the $147 per month package which includes 147 credits and unused credits roll over to the next month.  When you consider the vast variety of decent links you can build, it’s a cheap link building service compared to other full SEO services and consultants.

2.  Is using Linkvana black hat SEO?

Black hat, white hat, gray hat … I used to think it was a matter of degree.  However, at the end of the day, Google and other search engines don’t want you to build any links.  This means not guest posting for links.  Not commenting for links.  These are generally referred to as white hat SEO activities … but if we’re honest, they aren’t.

If you pay Linkvana to publish a guest post for you, is that any different than you going and publishing your own guest post?  I don’t think so.  How about paying Linkvana to write and distribute a press release?  Is that different than you doing it?

All you’re doing is paying Linkvana to build links and promote your web properties as you would have to in order to rank.  Is that white hat?  Not in my opinion … but it usually must be done in order to rank.  If you aspire to do only white hat SEO, that means never building a link … which means struggling for traffic from the search engines.

3.  Do I have to sign up for a contract?

No.  You can cancel any time.  In fact, if you cancel, you retain your credits.  I’ve cancelled when I’m not needing to build links for a few months.

4.  Do I have to use the blog network?

No.  I don’t.  There are pricing packages that  include the blog network and that don’t include it.

5.  How many websites can I manage SEO campaigns for with LV?

As many as you like.  I manage quite a few.

6.  Can I build links to any page on my site?

Yes.  For every link you order, you can choose where your link is pointed to.

7.  Can I use different anchor text for different links?

Yes, you can choose any anchor text for any link.  I use a mix of keyworded anchor text links, generic and naked.

8.  Can I receive a Linkvana discount if I order credits in bulk?

Yes.  This is how I order credits.  When I order 2,000 credits, I receive a bonus of 500 credits.  I then use these credits over a course of several months.

9.  How much does one credit cost?

Each credit costs $1.

10.  Does Linkvana guarantee search engine ranking results?

No.  It’s user-directed.  You choose link sources (i.e. types of links), anchor text and where your links point to.  You need to plan your SEO (which is what I like about this easy link building service).  Linkvana merely provides you the links.

11.  Does Linkvana offer good customer support?

They’re support is incredible.  They offer ticket support and live chat.  Response time is fast and they will work with you as much as possible.

12.  Can I use Linkvana for providing SEO services to my client?

Sure.  How and for whom you use LV is up to you.

13.  How long do orders take to be completed?

In my experience, it takes from 2 days to 1 week generally.

14.  Does Linkvana provide a completion report?

Yes, for each type of link you order, they provide a full report that you can always access in your account.  This is great for tracking links you’ve built.

15.  Does Linkvana offer SEO tips and information?

Yes, but not a whole lot.  Be sure to read up about SEO at places like SEOMoz and SE Journal.

16.  Can I monetize the niche website creation service?

Yes.  You gain access to the site and you can modify it as you wish.  It’s your website.

17.  Does Linkvana have restrictions with respect to types of sites that can be promoted?

Yes, adult, gambling and violent sites are not permitted.  Read the full restrictions here.

18.  Will my links be deleted if I stop using the service?

No.  Your links remain in place indefinitely.  Moreover, if you have LV build you a website, you don’t pay hosting fees … the site is yours to keep (pretty awesome).

Watch the above video to see how Linkvana works.

My Suggestions for Improving Linkvana

Although Linkvana is the best link building service I’ve used (and I’ve used all kinds of services and software), it’s not perfect.  The following are 4 suggestions I have (which may or may not be coming):

  • Offer scheduled campaigns
  • Offer high PR backlinks (other than the high PR blog comments)
  • Offer video creation services
  • Offer document sharing distribution

Is SEO worth doing?  Is it profitable?

Yes.  I’ve paid for traffic and still do.  However, there is nothing like generating free traffic from the search engines that generates profits on autopilot (or generates you new business on autopilot).  SEO is not as simple as it used to be, but I think the changes are good.  Now you need to be strategic and think carefully how you build your links.

SEO is still highly profitable when you achieve top rankings … as long as you don’t give away the farm for those rankings … and that’s where Linkvana comes in … it is a fairly cheap, but high quality link building service that you fully control.

Search engine traffic isn’t the only source of traffic by a long-shot … however, it’s a great source because when you do it right, people who want what you offer come to your site.  It doesn’t get more targeted than that.

Check out some of my earnings stats:

NOTE: If you take me up on my bonus offer below, I’ll reveal the business models I use to earn affiliate commissions, huge commissions from local businesses (in my Local Affiliate Marketing Guide), and how I earn $3,300 every month from a recurring commission product (image not posted above).

For local businesses, top rankings are invaluable.  When I ran an offline business, I had clients hire me simply because they believed that a top ranking website meant the business was the best.  You can’t get that kind of pre-selling anywhere else.  Now I promote local businesses and receive commissions from sending them new business.  Commissions in 2012 topped $30K.

Don’t rely 100% on SEO.  I don’t.  However, SEO is an integral part of my online businesses and will continue to be because the search engines are an excellent source of traffic.

BONUS – I’ll Teach You What I Do …

I have several awesome bonuses for you if you purchase Linkvana through my link (any of the links in this LV review will do – they’re my affiliate links).

My bonuses are as follows:

BONUS 1:  Video course (18 videos) on how to build a $1,000 a month niche review website.

This course reveals to you one of my niche review websites that earns $1,000 per month pretty much on autopilot.  I show you how I build it step-by-step and reveal the actual site.  This method is responsible for commissions revealed in the above screenshots.

BONUS 2:  Video course (15 Videos) on how to build a business website with WordPress

This is for business owners who need an inexpensive, but professional website fast.  Perfect for local business owners who need a great website fast.

BONUS 3:  My “Truly Passive Income” report

This brief report sets out exactly how I generate a truly passive income in the amount of several thousand dollars each month online as an affiliate marketer.  It’s not listbuilding and not SEO (although I deploy those methods for other revenue streams).  This method generates over $40K in profits per year.

BONUS 4:  My Local Affiliate Marketing Guide

This 40+ page guide explains in detail how I earn $250 to $1,000 commissions promoting local businesses resulting in $32K in commissions in 2012 alone.

BONUS 5:  E-Book:  How to Build Highly Profitable Product Review Websites

This guide sets out tons of information on how to write reviews that sell and earn you affiliate commissions … plus how to structure and plan your affiliate review websites.   This is the method I use to generate commissions set out above in the screenshots.  This guide goes hand-in-hand with the first video course above.

How do you claim your Linkvana bonuses from me?

Step 1:  Buy Linkvana through this link (or any other link/red button in this LV review)

Step 2:  Email me your name and the email that you used to pay for Linkvana to LVBonus[at]aweber.com.

Step 3:  I’ll send you an email (it will show up in your email inbox as from “Linkvana Bonus”) via reply with links to all of the above bonuses.  Please note that the above 5 bonuses are not provided by Linkvana … they are a free offer to you in exchange for buying your Linkvana service through my affiliate link … for which I receive a commission.

Stop wasting time building links today.  SEO is an investment that can pay off big time when done right.  Linkvana makes it easy and fast to rank many websites and web pages.  Get started today.

End of my Linkvana review.  If you have any questions, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer them.

Disclaimer:  Using Linkvana and/or using my informational products does not guarantee you’ll experience the same results as me. You may do better or worse.  There are many variables that go into earning money online and achieving top rankings such as niche, keyword difficulty, strategy, copywriting and much, much more.  

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